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Ateliers d’improvisation en anglais


Samedi 10 octobre 

Samedi 24 octobre

& Samedi 7 novembre de 14h à 17h


Imaginez, créez, collaborez !

Rejoignez Michael Sugarman pour le plaisir, l’exploration, la créativité et la magie sur scène et apprenez de nouvelles façons de créer des personnages et des scènes !

Imagine, create, collaborate !

Join Michael Sugarman for fun, exploration, creativity, and magic on stage and learn new ways to create characters and scenes !

Specific skills covered:

  • Rules and guidelines for the best improvisations
  • Creating the “platform”—the who, where and why of the scene
  • Listening, observing and reacting in the moment
  • Trusting yourself and scene partners
  • Accepting and improving your partner’s performance
  • Sharing the stage
  • Making choices confidently on stage
  • Creating and being emotionally committed to your character with a point of view
  • Creating scenes, storylines, conflicts and resolutions without planning
  • Supporting your scene partner and the performance
  • Creating imagined objects and a physical environment
  • Keeping a scene going and advancing to something greater!
  • Using body movement and posture
  • Playing with pace, repetition and patterns
  • Developing a group mindset
  • Engaging your audience using specificity and heightened emotion

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Renseignements et inscriptions : 04 90 84 04 03


Michael Sugarman : Chicago actor on stage, screen, television / Graduate of Act One Conservatory, Chicago / Improv Training : Second City Chicago